How To Speed Up WordPress

Several studies have shown that if a page fails to load within a few seconds, many of the users will go running for the back button before they even take a look at your site. WordPress is an amazing tool, but many WordPress blogs run much slower than they need to because there is unnecessary bloat on the page. Here are a few simple things that you can do to speed up your site’s loading time.
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WordPress or Blogger: We compare

If you are new to blogging and have been doing your research into how to build a successful blog, then you have most likely already encountered one or both  of these: WordPress and Blogger. Which platform is best suited to you? In this article I am going to make a comparison between the two (actually three) platforms and distinguish from, so you can get the basics on blogging.
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How to Secure your WordPress Website?

Hackers have become increasingly common and many blog owners don’t know the proper steps to take to ensure additional security for their blog. Because WordPress is an open source blogging website, there are many different steps that can be taken to add extra security to a blog. There are many different plug-ins available for WordPress blogs that can be used to ensure added safety. These plug-ins are good to have for many different reasons. They will detect any suspicious activity and report it to the user. They will also keep the website from being blacklisted. Also, they can fix any security threats that have been made. Some of the best security plug-ins available for free are:
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