Best Tips to Increase Social Media Traffic

I have been receiving quiet a lot of questions on the best tips on how to increase social media traffic. This is mainly due to the increasing popularity of social networking sites all over the world. The popularity of social media platform has led to the need by many, including myself, to seek knowledge and information on what can be done to integrate these WordPress websites with social networking sites, not forgetting the themes in Genesis.
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Should I Get A G+ Account?

Google, as everyone knows, is the biggest name on the web. If you don’t know something, all you have to do is “Google” it, and hey presto, knowledge waits. They offer the best email services, services and custom searches for scholars, image searches that have a drag and recognize feature, fairly decent translations, and heaps more. Seriously, if you have never had a look at everything you can do with Google, take some time to click on all of the options that are available to you. And did I mention the Google Doodle? Obscure, poignant, cute, interactive – you simply cannot trump them on the quality and reliability that they provide.
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How Not to Use Social Networking for Business

Businesses find a world of opportunity awaiting them and their products online, which they try to avail of, by setting up ecommerce websites. With their virtual stores accessible globally, they can reach out to customers across the globe in various ways, the most effective out of which is through social networks. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn and others offer businesses an opportunity to have business pages and develop networks. Any information sent to a section of the network spreads virally, and happy customers also help to spread word, which works as the biggest advertisement and promoter of the business. Read more about How Not to Use Social Networking for Business

How to Get Leads from Linkedin

LinkedIn is the most popular social media site for businesses and professionals and can benefit small businesses in many ways. Not only does LinkedIn help you to stay connected with your business partners and vendors, but it can also help you to make new business contacts. Whether you are looking for quality leads for your business in terms of clients, investors, vendors, suppliers, business partners, or even affiliates – LinkedIn is the place to go.
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Why Web Conferencing Services Aren’t Threatened by Google+

When Google+ rolled out last year, it quickly earned millions of members. There was so much buzz going on about how Google+ could actually threaten the seemingly untouchable Facebook social network. There was finally another contestant in the race that actually had a chance. However, as the months went on, it soon became obvious that people just weren’t leaving Facebook for Google+ as Google had hoped. Facebook still reigns.
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