Is SEO Still Important?

Search engine optimized (SEO) is getting long-in-the-tooth. No longer is SEO the newcomer to the party; SEO has been around the block by now. The concept and practices are almost as old as the web itself, though it took a few years before the phrase was coined and then a few more before it became common knowledge for website owners that it was necessary if you wanted your Website to rank well in the search engines. Virtually every website owner has subjected their site to some level of SEO, which begs the question, if everyone is doing it, is it still important?
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Organic Search Results: Ranking High Depends Upon SEO Fundamentals

We all want our links to appear high in organic search results, and trying to muscle your page rank above others is far from a straightforward process. Even so, no matter how many algorithm updates are unfurled, the basic principles of search engine optimization continue to hold true. Surprisingly, we often forget to emphasize these fundamentals and focus myopically on what is new and different. While there is nothing revolutionary about the following SEO tips, sometimes we need a reminder of what always works in an ever-changing world.
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5 SEO Tactics to Steer Clear of

SEO is a lot like mountain climbing; keeping to the trodden trails to the summit for success, or risk completely falling off the mountain face if you stray too far away from the proven path. These potentially fatal optimisation detours can be due to old, now irrelevant or deemed black hat SEO tactics, old habits or unsubstantiated hearsay, which if used can destroy your own SEO campaigns.
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How To Rank High for Organic Searches

Well! My title of the article is very clear, as it says ranking high for organic searches. I do hope that you as a blogger or website owner know about search engines like Google, Bing, AOL, Yahoo etc. Your entire profit depends upon how you rank in those search engines especially Google. Firstly let me explain what are Organic searches. Organic searches are nothing but the search results that you find on the left hand side of the search result page. On right hand side you might have noticed ads. We will try to understand how search engine works so that you can rank high for organic searches.
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Why You Should Understand SEO When Writing Content

Writing Content? SEO is a Must.

There are many important aspects to keep in mind when you are attempting to create a body of literature on any topic. However, if you are writing content that is intended to ultimately be displayed in any online media format, you simply must understand SEO (search engine optimization) strategies and techniques. Possessing at minimum a proficient, basic, working knowledge of seo could very accurately be described as an imperative element in writing content for any website today.
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