Can You Use Product Reviews to Drive SEO? 5 Reasons You Can

Ecommerce is increasingly becoming popular with entrepreneurs owing to its convenience and low running costs. However, competition is a major challenge and is probably one of the reasons why some of the entrepreneurs hesitate to invest in eCommerce. To make substantial profits from a merchant or affiliate website, you have to employ quality marketing strategies aimed at generating traffic for your site. You can either submit content to quality directories, write blogs or invest in other quality SEO techniques. Product reviews will help you convert potential customers who view blogs and other content into loyal customers. Below are five reasons why you should use product reviews to promote your website.

Easy conversion

Product reviews are an assurance to a visitor looking for a particular product. This kind of content will usually contain the benefits of the featured product , its discredits and reasons why a customer should consider it. Convincing reviews will make surfers want to visit your website. If you have a good website which meets the expectations of a visitor after they read your reviews, they will probably want to make a transaction.

Link building for search engine optimization

Product reviews will always have a back link pointing to your website. The links are useful in search engine optimization and will help you achieve a higher rank on major search engines. Increasing your visibility on the world wide web means more people will gain easy access to your website. Consider, a situation where your webpage appears first for a certain keyword on Google. People will click on it first before viewing other webpages from your competitors; consequently it follows that few people will want to view your pages if they are not visible on the first page of a web browser.

Provision of information

When a customer wants to purchase a product, they will first research on it as away of acquainting with its features and capabilities. Product reviews are a great way to provide information about your products to potential customers. If the product review is from the perspective of a person who used the product in question, they can explain in details what they liked about it, improvements over other products and the pricing details.

Prove your expertise

You can prove your expertise to potential customers through product reviews. If you will be capable of building a good reputation using the product reviews then visitors will naturally want to see what you offer on the affiliate or merchant website. To make many conversions, consider rebuilding your website if it does not meet the standards expected by potential buyers.

Product reviews can be used for quality assurance

There are different styles of writing a product review. It can either be long and containing all details about a product or it can be short usually a few sentences from a previous buyer assuring or discouraging other customers from purchasing it. Views from previous buyers will influence the decisions made by a potential buyer. If they are assuring and cite some of the products benefits, they will generate traffic to the merchant site.

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