Best Tips to Increase Social Media Traffic

I have been receiving quiet a lot of questions on the best tips on how to increase social media traffic. This is mainly due to the increasing popularity of social networking sites all over the world. The popularity of social media platform has led to the need by many, including myself, to seek knowledge and information on what can be done to integrate these WordPress websites with social networking sites, not forgetting the themes in Genesis.

The best recognized names among social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +1, Twitter, StumbleUpon are supported through these free plugins.

It is important to note that these free plugins have popular social sharing buttons which have counters. These include Twitter, Buffer, Facebook Share, LinkedIn, Topsy,, Designbump, Web Blend as well as Yahoo Buzz. These free plugins allow the user to install buttons which promote sharing either at the bottom or top of each post.

Outstanding Picks for 2012

Some of the best and outstanding picks for 2012 which I have used primarily revolve around

  • GetSocial, Socialize, Social Media Tips
  • Facebook Like Bar, Tweet Stream, Follow Me
  • Share Bar, Simple Share, AddToAny
  • AddThis, Digg Digg and Sexy Bookmarks.

The fact that these free plugins can be installed onto my WordPress website by simply downloading and activating them has enhanced their ease of use.

Applying the best tips to increase social media traffic

  • Installing plugins – WordPress websites and blogs are extremely helpful in terms of installing and applying the best free plugins to increase social media traffic. Most of these free plugins can be downloaded and activated easily. Simply sign in to your WordPress account and following the necessary steps.
  • Guaranteed results – Although I tried some tips earlier on with muted success, I did not give up perhaps following the advice given by Henry Ford that failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently. I truly believe that applying these tested and proven best tips to increase social media traffic will produce amazing results for anyone who makes use of them effectively.
  • Demos and apps – There are even demo apps and videos through which anyone can learn how best to use these free plugins. These free plugins can be downloaded from their official websites and activated quite easily from the “downloads” folder.
  • Use of codes – Some of the free plugins that I have used to increase social media traffic to my WordPress websites and blogs only required me to copy and paste some code in the place where I desired to have them located. This is quite a relatively easy process compared to others which require multiple processes before anyone can use them.

Advantages of using best free plugins to increase social media traffic

  • Privacy – Any free plugin cannot be successful in the absence of strict adherence and observation to the privacy requirements of the user. I have noticed that every single one of the free plugins I recommend to increase social media traffic insists on this aspect. An example I can give is AddThis which has gone ahead to develop privacy policies for both their clients and publishers.
  • Languages – I have readers who are located all over the world and some of them are unable to understand English as much as they or I would like. The advantage with some of these free plugins is that readers can translate the messages and posts into the languages of their choice. This enables my readers to find the WordPress themes in Genesis websites and blogs quite attractive.
  • Personalizing – The free plugins has helped my readers to personalize their browsing history and preferences. I have been able to build my own interface and on top of all that, I can monitor the activities of my readers while making use of the materials on my WordPress Genesis theme websites and blogs.

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