Back Linking The Right Way

Content marketing is everywhere you turn these days as more and more internet marketers realise that high quality content in the right place is what really matters to search engines like Google. The problem is that many people don’t realise what constitutes a good link or more to the point, what constitutes a good link location.

If you are new to content marketing, it is important to understand that many bloggers feel they lose power or their link-juice is drained by linking out to pages with no page rank or perhaps a domain that has little authority. That is why it is important to ensure the website to which you provide free content for backlinks always keeps their side of the bargain.

The Scam Linker

Many bloggers are now accepting blogs and publishing them as they receive them, but days later, they add a nofollow tag to the backlink, which makes your effort count for nothing. It’s a slow process, but you need to check back occasionally to see your links are still working for you.

There are a growing number of people using a WordPress plugin or something similar to change all outgoing links to nofollow and these can be harder to detect. One of the best ways to ensure your back links are working properly is to use a browser plugin that detects nofollow links.

These plugins are easily located for Chrome or Firefox and installed as extensions in a matter of seconds with a simple Google search.  People have been debating the value of nofollow links, but Google webpsam frontman Matt Cutts has made it clear that they indicate a site should not be attributed any kudos when the link is a nofollow link.

Creating a Good Link

The best links come from hard work and persistence and there are a number of ways to ensure that your site gets lots of link juice if you go about it the right way. Link baiting is an old method, but it is without a doubt still one of the best ways to create back links. This involves creating an exceptional piece of information, infographic or video and allowing people to link to it, syndicate your content by embedding your graphic/video or genuinely referencing your site because you published something that is worth sharing.

This kind of material tend to generate lots of back links from a wide range of sites that ensures you have a steady flow of back links and a great back link profile. Why wouldn’t Google reward you with kudos if you have made this much effort?

The Networking Linker

If you are the sort of person that sits by you screen for twelve hours per day and great at getting to know people then you can use those skills to network with fellow bloggers and site admins and after a while you will generate enough rapport to ask if you can guest post on their site.  This means you write a custom piece of content that appeals to the readers of the target site and is relevant to both the location of the post and the site you specify in the back link. This is a slow process, but target the right people and you will have a good response.

It’s quite common to reap other benefits during the rapport building stage because fellow bloggers will tweet and share your content across multiple networks in return for your shares of their content. These back links from social media are useful markers in the eyes of Google and they show a good ‘real person’ interaction on your site, which is great if it is picked up with your Google analytics.

Ian Phillips is a writer who believes that a professional guest blogging can ensure that your business receives maximum results regarding its traffic levels. By increasing your site traffic levels, you should be then able to turn this interest in sales.

Guest Post

We are always looking for guest bloggers to submit articles for the blog. If you are interested in writing a guest post for Build Your Blog then please check out the guidelines HERE and then get in touch. :)


  • There are tons of them, just pick your onions wisely:

    Web 2.0
    Press release

    And many others..

  • I think with all the recent updates by Google, it doesn’t make sure to go for spammy backlinks anymore. Perhaps guest blogging is the number one backlinking strategy for now.

    • Guest posting is an excellent way of gaining quality backlinks, you might have seen that I have been taking on more guest posts lately. 🙂

  • After Google updated with Panda and Penguin is guest blogging with do-follow links the best and strongest way to get quality links to web pages. I’ve climbed very well in serp with this method.

  • You have chosen the three main things to look after while creating backlinks Dean. I think networking and excellent content are the only things that you need to show on site. Other than this all your efforts go unseen. If these two things are fine, your traffic will never suffer.

  • Hey Dean,
    Guest post its an best methods to get quality back links and also getting submitted on top blogs will lead you more traffic,i do agree occasionally checking the submitted post link will help to keep eye on the ball nice post meanwhile about building back links

    • I have not tried guest posting on other blogs yet, but having seen some of the poorly written guest posts that some of the top blogs in my niche publish I don’t think I’ll struggle to get published. 🙂

  • Best way to build backlinks are participating in Forums and commenting in Blogs. These are the good ways to get the quality backlinks as early as possible.

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