An Evil Link Building Idea That Has Everything To Do With 'Content Is King – Not So Much'

The SEO ecosystem is getting pretty boring lately. Everywhere you turn there’s this talk about content marketing, great content, content the king, and oh – it’s like there’s no other link building strategy than guest blogging. You’ve probably noticed it too, it’s hard not to.

Try to remember (if you haven’t been completely brainwashed) how you were doing SEO a year ago. It was much more interesting to read SEO blogs back then. It’s like now everyone is afraid to say that there are other ways, just like there always have been. Hush, Google will hear us!

If you’re tired – I mean, REALLY tired – of hearing that content is king and that guest posting is THE link building strategy forever and ever, then read on. We have a special treat today.


I agree, good content is a great thing to have in your arsenal. But the reality is that great content is expensive, and you can’t produce it all the time unless you have a content creating machinery in place, which most of us don’t. The articles for $10/piece aren’t what you would normally call “great content”.

But here’s the catch: someone else IS producing good content.

And no matter what you may think about it, there are websites out there whose owners are doing it for love. They are genuinely interested in the topic. Chances are that some of them can be easily found in your niche. And even better, many of these webmasters aren’t really into all of that SEO stuff; their websites are attracting natural links because they are old and because they are a true authority.

But they aren’t working on their link building. They just publish their great content and count on it to bring the audience. Which, in most cases, it does; but imagine the traffic numbers for that website if that piece of content would be properly promoted?

And there’s your chance.

Yes, of course, you could offer your services as their SEO consultant – but that wouldn’t be evil, would it?

The evil game plan

Let’s say that you have a website about smartphones. You (probably) have more than that one, and you simply can’t keep track of everything new that comes up. But you have that geek website that has all the newest information, and it should be one of your primary sources for the new content.

No, it’s not what you think – you can’t just republish their news or re-write it all the time. People would soon realize what you are doing, and besides, it goes beyond evil. We’re talking about an occasional small evil here, not about the legion of demons. Besides, you probably aren’t targeting the exact same audience, so republishing their news won’t do you much good anyway.

What you should do instead is to wait for the right opportunity: a big news that no one else has seen yet. If you’re patient and if you know what to look for, it will come, don’t worry.

Your next step is to quickly create a new piece of content around that news. You can include a link to the geek website – after all, it’s a small act of gratitude for what they have done for you, and they have done plenty, because:

–        You will then quickly contact all the major tech blogs and news sites

–        You will tweet your post every two hours

–        You will go and share your insights on tech forums

–        …

–        You will promote the hell (pun intended) out of it

And, while the geek website will get a dozen of natural links, which is only a bit less than it would normally get with their “content is king” strategy – yours will get hundreds. Just wait until the other news websites pick up YOUR story.

Nicole Gore from often writes about SEO and link building methods. This is one of her not so common tips on how to get more backlinks for your website.

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  • Hi Dean, that was quite evil of an idea. Jokes apart, I don’t think whatever you tried to explain was evil, I rather call it a business strategy. A smart businessman will always know how to turn the tables around for his benefit. Thanks for sharing the post.

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