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The electronic age has started new ways of doing business on the internet and reaching out to global markets through it. There are many techniques involved in upgrading these businesses and one of them is link building. This is an important technique through which we can make our sites popular and thus the chances of good business increases.

Link popularity measures the quality and quantity of websites that link to specific sites that are good. And the sites popularity is gauged on the number of inbound quality links. The more the number of links to your site the more your site gains in popularity ranking.

It sure is a process through which quality links are earned from other good websites which in turn raises the importance of the website on the internet. Link building has become a necessity within people who work on the internet as links can be an important asset to the site and business. Link building has sure ways to increase the traffic on your site and also bring new visitors who otherwise wouldn’t have found it on their own.

Implementing new ideas is a real challenge faced by the websites because it requires a lot of hard work, research and thinking along with new ideas which are really time consuming but are sure the way to successful business prospects. This sure gains more traffic and attention to your site.

The reason you build up these links is because it generates traffic to your site or at least you need to expand your site so that it starts paying for itself. It sure is a hard task for people to scroll around on the internet or try search for the specific keywords. To generate quality and quantity traffic to your site you can link your site to similar content sites as this surely has the potential to increase your traffic.

When linking your sites to others be very careful and just don’t link to any available sites. Look for sites that have quality content as not only the markets have globalised but the visitors have access to the globalised world markets and can’t be easily fooled. Another point to remember is never link on sites that have controversial content as people don’t appreciate your linking to these troublesome sites.

In link building the quality matters more than the quantity of sites you are linked with. Though you are linked to only a few sites the chances are that many people will be looking into your links and asked to link on your site. And in this way you can get new links.

There are many techniques available for link building and the best one is by solving customer problems. You can get new innovative ideas by just talking to customers and uncovering their challenges. You can communicate with your customer by making phone calls and making a survey of all the things that need to be questioned as this will set your minds towards solving the customer problem in different ways.

Dean Saliba

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  • Hi,

    I totally agree with everything mentioned in this article. In link building the quality really matters more than the quantity of sites linked with. It’s very important to have quality content, you may get backlinked by many. A website should be created and built on the main idea of helping the visitors. Thanks for sharing this great article!

    Best wishes,


    • An example of this would be sites like CopyBlogger who might not post every day but they get hundreds of retweets for every one they publish.

  • It is also possible to give the pages you have your link on a extra boost by sharing and submitting it to social sites. It gives it some social signals, and you also give the webmaster giving you the link some bonus:) Thats one of the reasons I tweet and stumble this article..

  • For me it is very difficult to deliver consistent content to my blog, but this is okay because it gives me time to go out there and promote what I already have. Hit the nail on the head when you said “quality” though, I’ve made mistakes of buying link building before only to find I’ve been linked to from all kinds of weird sites…

  • I completely agree with the above mentioned ideas that you have given for link building. Indeed quality always matters more than quantity. If the the
    quality of the blog is good then quantity is not a big issue. The more informative your blog is the more will be the traffic. I would also like to say that sharing your links in some well known social networking sites like
    facebook and twitter is really helpful in increasing traffic.

  • yes, its not just the amount of links you have but the quality as it wont convert but just pad your stats.

    • I’m working on this theory at the moment with my wrestling blog, hoping that the ‘quality is better than quantity’ method is a winner. It’s working at the moment. 🙂

  • Link popularity is indeed a true measure of the potential of your website. However having a little SEO boost is never bad, and having virtual assistants manage your work will be even more delight.

  • Hi, It is a very nice and informative post. Thanks for sharing your knowledge on link popularity.

    I agreed with post and in link building, content quality is more important then quantity. I do post less frequently in my blog but my traffic is good because my quality of content is good.

    • Thank you. I think you are hitting the correct ratio. I’d rather read a quality blog with few updates than a blog post with useless content that updates every day.

  • Very true. The post is very interesting and informative too. Back linking is very important aspect in online marketing as it helps to create more business but one has to be cautious about not to follow any shady practices like link farm and all to get noticed and blacklist by search engines.

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