Add Your Image To Blog Comments

If you leave comments on a regular basis on blogs then you will no doubt have seen that some blogs have little pictures of themselves next to some people’s names. Not only does this sort of thing make your comment stand out but it can also add something to your brand.

Believe it or not it is incredibly easy to set one of these up for yourself for when you leave comments on blogs.

1. Go to and create yourself a free account.

2. Once you have created your account follow the instructions on how to upload your chosen image.

That is it.

You should remember that your image will only appear on blogs that have Gravatar activated and that you must make sure when you leave a comment you enter the same email address that you used when creating your free Gravatar account.

How easy was that? Now why not test it out and leave a comment to this blog post and see your image appear. 🙂

Dean Saliba

Dean Saliba is a freelance writer, professional blogger, media enthusiast, dirty football player and huge professional wrestling fan who covers a wide range of subjects and niches including, making money online, traffic generating, pro wrestling, blog reviews, football, how-to guides, music, internet marketing and more.


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