Add Big Social Networking Icons to Your Sidebar

If you have been to as many blogs as I have then you will no doubt have noticed that some blogs have quite big social networking icons in the sidebar. This is done to attract the eye of the reader who might be interested in sharing a particular post with other people.

Size Really Does Matter

I do not accommodate large social networking icons in the sidebar of this blog because I have social networking icons located inside the posts. But a lot of bloggers don’t like this method so they put them in the sidebar.

If you place small icons then they can be ignored as the visitor is more interested in the actual content of your post, but if you make them bigger than it will be harder for your visitors to ignore them.

1. The first thing you need to do is find these icons on the internet. I have added four links below to help get you started.

30 Amazingly Creative Social Bookmark Icon Sets
Icon Archive
40 Great Social Networking Icon Sets
55 Cool and Free Social Media Network Icons

2.Once you have found the icons you want (make sure they all look the same shape and size) you must download them to your computer and then upload them to WordPress by going to Media–>Add New from the Dashboard menu.

3.Go to your Widget page and drag a text widget box over to your sidebar then place the following code into that text box.

And that is it. 🙂

Dean Saliba

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  • I really do think it’s necessary to put your Social Network contacts in our site. I mean what’s the purpose of making a site, driving traffic, more feedbacks if we don’t show our emails, or social media contacts? I had once a task to search for those kinds of contacts (lead generation) and I hated those online companies/business owners who don’t show their emails, twitter and even fb fan page.

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