5 Ways Your Social Media Strategy Influences Your Search Engine Ranking

Social media marketing rules! Internet marketers are flocking to social media marketing as a means to reach countless potential customers. With sites like Facebook or Twitter pulling in millions of users, the marketing possibilities are endless.

Social media have a unique power to drive massive traffic to your website. In fact, you don’t even need a high search engine ranking on your own to benefit from the reach of social marketing. The key is to stay active on the sites.

But driving traffic is not the only benefit from social media. These sites can seriously improve your SEO. Here’s how:

1. Social media sites provide ranking cues for the search engines

It’s no secret that the social media effect search engine rankings. In fact, both Google and Bing admit it – they love social media.

So how does it work? When you publish a post or a “tweet”, its integrity is measured in terms of popularity. And popularity is easily measured by “likes” or “re-tweets”. Simply put, the more “likes”, the higher your content ranks. This gives you a leading edge over a competitor who is not harnessing the power of social media.

2. Your posts can go right to the top

Google’s search is now “universal”. Gone are the days when only websites were featured in results. Today Google ranks videos, images, news items, and social media pieces.

How does that work for you?

Post some inspiring, enticing content and you can surge in the popularity rankings. Popularity can mean page 1. And while that post may only stay on top for a short time – imagine the benefit to you from capitalizing on the top spot!

3. Social media provides powerful inbound linking

Because the search engines have a high regard for social media, “likes” or “re-tweets” count as valuable “votes” for you site. And by Google’s own definition, an inbound link is, in fact a “vote”. Quality inbound links are exactly what you need to climb the ranks of the search engines.

4. Your content could prove to be newsworthy

The search engines pick up social media posts that attract attention. Attention is measured by “likes” and “re-tweets”. If yours fits the bill, you could be looking at a top ranking in Google News.

5. Share with the best

When your top notch content is recognized by an identified authority, that “like” or “re-tweet” is rated even higher than a so-called random “tweet”.

The search engines admit that they analyze just who is “liking” your content. When you get a quality vote from an authority source, your inbound link is even more valuable. Quality over quantity – now that takes popularity to a whole new level.

About Dean Saliba

Dean Saliba is a freelance writer, professional blogger, media enthusiast, dirty football player and huge professional wrestling fan who covers a wide range of subjects and niches including, making money online, traffic generating, pro wrestling, blog reviews, football, how-to guides, music, internet marketing and more.

24 thoughts on “5 Ways Your Social Media Strategy Influences Your Search Engine Ranking

  1. Trinton Shower

    Yes its true that social media helps lot in increasing traffic to our site as search engine also like this way to build traffic and strategy which you have mentioned here for this is very much perfect and effective too.

    As I personally follow this from last many months and get terrific hike in my traffic.

    SMO is nowadays becomes very much necessary just as SEO.

  2. Martin

    Winning at the social media “battle” is something really hard. You need to stay connected and constantly update and improve your social network profiles such as Facebook, Twitter and nowadays – Google Plus. It’s important and a “must-do” but it’s also hard.

  3. tires

    Would you consider youtube to also have influence? I have seen quite a few youtube channels with high PR and the owners of the youtube channel linking offcourse to their own website, but the links are nofollow, but I would think that Google would still provide some juice to the linking website.


  4. Archant printing press

    Social Media plays a big role these days when it comes to SEO. However, the content of your post has to be worth the time of the readers. Social media really affects site ranking and sales of a site.

  5. greg ascentive

    >>4. Your content could prove to be newsworthy

    Easier said than done, right? 🙂

    Even the smallest home-run businesses are catching on to the power of the internet and how to market via social media these days!

  6. Simon Duck

    I find it scary how much Social media affects websites nowadays, but on the other hand obviously it’s great because there are so many more ways to expand your website.

    Obviously if you have great content and a good website, your tweets will get re-tweeted, you’ll get more facebook likes and in turn higher search. I think at the end of the day, a success website will do well no matter what, all of these social media aspects role off eachother.

    Simon Duck

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