5 Ways To Find Free Images For Your Blog

Indispensable attribute of any (well, almost any) quality post is a good photo or illustration. More accurately even say that this is some unwritten “rule of etiquette” in blogging sphere. Someone publishes themed pictures, someone create pictures for every post with a post header, but all the authors are asking the same question – where do we can get the images? After all, not every blogger is a good photographer or illustrator.

Fortunately, in the Internet we can find a large number of images with a Creative Commons license. I will not go into the legal details concerning and review different species / subspecies of this license, this topic is already well-considered (articles on Wikipedia, blogs). Briefly, the Creative Commons – the license promotes a simple, free use of different materials in the network. It is these images blogger needed.

Google Images

I propose to start with the usual tool – search for images in Google Images. If we refer to the search form, we will find options «Commercial use» and «Modification» (menu Usage rights), which can be used to determine the free images. In general, Google Image Search is quite convenient tool and every year developers add new features, filters for images, etc.


Creative Commons images also can be found on the popular photo-service – Flickr. As in the Google Images, all you need to do – set up a search function or use the catalog. Flickr combines a lot of really beautiful, author’s pictures and photos of any city, country or abstract narrative pictures. You can find images with a free right to use, or to pick up, for example, pictures with non-commercial license.


Stock.xchng – one of the largest (the base combines about 400,000 images) services that contain free images that do not require a back link. You can type your desired request in the search form (in English) and get a set of pictures, available for download + links to premium files. I’m not sure if there is a limit on the number of downloads per day, but if you want a small picture to illustrate blog posts, for example, you can copy them from the site.


Not a bad idea to find a free online image is 123RF. Of course, your chances of finding the image increase if you are not interested in large-size pictures. You can download photos of various sizes, depending on your goals, but the most “small” image (width of about 400 pixels) can be downloaded for free. According to the creators gallery includes 12,500,000 different pictures. Use the search for the selection of illustrations for required topic.


Finally, one more place where you can “hunting” pictures – EveryStockPhoto. The project is positioned as a “image search engine by a given license”, so the service is definitely very useful. In the advanced user settings, you can specify the sites that you want to search for photos, for example, Flickr or stock.xchng. I’ve discussed them above. It is convenient when all the pictures are available in a single site.

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