4 Ways to Grab Customer Attention with Your Blog

Catching the attention of your customers, at the same time, keeping them glued to what you have to offer are interesting points in engaging in long term relationships and increasing your profit. Needless to say, your blog content should be able to appease your end-users by reflecting informative and entertaining materials.

The advantages that you can gain from this standpoint are endless; however, doing so is quite a challenge. Nonetheless, here are five essentials that you could repeatedly employ to engage your customers and present them with something to link to from social media networks such as Face book and Twitter.

Be Gracious and Generous: Keep Up with Charity Works and Community-related Events

It pays to be helpful because you could certainly have something to write about. Be involved or subtly participate in charity events or those that deal with your community. For example, Race for the Cure, an event spearheaded by Susan G. Komen to help with breast cancer research, could be a system for you to form a team that features your ecommerce business.

Blog about Stuff Related to Your Field

This is probably the easiest thing you can do especially that current events are almost always somehow related to your industry or niche. For instance, an online shop that delivers sporting goods can talk about Major League Baseball; rave about how the Boston Red Sox, the leading dream team started out the season with six unfortunate straight losses. You can even comment about how LeBron James, a professional basketball player bought part of a soccer club located in Liverpool, England.

Another notable use of comments is seen in the case of GardenStyle Direct, a company based in the United Kingdom which works on outdoor furniture; the firm recently blogged about the Royal wedding, the national holiday and the nice prospect of grilling out while the festivities were celebrated.

Think about it. If you reflect on various activities related to your field of expertise, will there be any reason why you won’t even write about it?

Blog about Techniques or Tips to Get Things Done

When you account for something, how it is used or how something works out, you are definitely creating an incredible blog content. The truth is you could keep writing an unlimited number of blog posts for your subscribers, on how-to and what-is topics. You really would not even need another idea for the rest of your life.

Try writing about how to assemble intricately designed products, or how to utilize such products. For example, if you sell kitchen supplies or recipes, you might want to embark upon the clear choice: how-to-cook posts.

On the other hand, a golf site can write about swing dynamics and a hardware shop can enlighten readers about the difference between light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and incandescent light. For instance, a post by the Adafruit Industries tapped on the topic, How to make an Emoticon Jacket with LCD Screen.

Given those examples, is there any reason to stop you from posting similar topics that suit you?

Speak About Customers

Ultimately, reach out to your customers. A popular approach to this is to hold competitions using your site or on any other social media like Face book. Make sure to profile the winners on your blog. Check out Growsup, a blog that sells goodies for young children.

Dean Saliba

Dean Saliba is a freelance writer, professional blogger, media enthusiast, dirty football player and huge professional wrestling fan who covers a wide range of subjects and niches including, making money online, traffic generating, pro wrestling, blog reviews, football, how-to guides, music, internet marketing and more.


  • Great tips! Just be generous and captivate our readers with free giveaway at first. It will undoubtedly draw the attention of the people. It’s very useful for me, so far.

  • Content, as well as uniqueness, are 2 important aspects of a blog. I’m a very visual person so pictures and colors will draw me to stay on a page. Great information you have here. I’ll try them out!

  • I’m currently planning to create a blog store, but I don’t know which blog to choose yet, probably xanga or blogger.. but one thing I’m concern about is how to attract people to my online store? Is there some online blog shop directory.Thanks ahead.

    • There are loads. Spend a couple of hours searching Google for them. I’d use WordPress for your store, it is just so much more flexible than other blogging platforms.

  • Those are some great tips, thank you.

    I think if your using wordpress for your blog a plugin like WP Greetbox would be nice, it will show them a different message based on their referer.

    Other than that, I find competitions, contests of sorts great for not only grabbing the attention but also engaging readers too.

  • depending on your area – have you ever thought about inflatables. There some what inexpensive, they can have a light put in them for night time visibility and you can allow the customer to rent them from you to bring in business. All said and done you have help promote there business and could continue to rent them and make your business money as well.

    • I’m not sure about running a business renting them but I think having one to promote your business is a great idea! 🙂 Would it works for an online-only company though?

  • We give out free tote bags with our logo on it in crystals or for those that purchase over a certain amount and for the non purchasers- a small gift when they fill in a form so that we can add their name, email and address to our newsletter list.

  • What about flyers sent to homes in the nearby area advertising a special of the week for less then price on menu, bring this coupon with you. You could also put this ad in a newspaper with words that will make buyers come because of the mouth watering words and $$$ off the meal! Also, try and have some “extra” cars parked near the front of the building, such as your cook’s cars that might be parked in the back. When I’m in a new town looking for something to eat, I look for cars parked in the parking lot, the more the better. The locals know where to eat.

    • The thing wrong with your ideas is that they cost a lot of money. Flyers cost money, handing them out will cost money (unless you are doing that yourself), advertising in a newspaper costs a lot of money. 🙂

      Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  • My company sponsors freebies & deals like cool vacation offers, great add-ons to regular offers to our new and also customers, irrespective of the business they are bringing to us just to increase their interest in our brand and refer to others. It works out really well !

  • great points you have here,,for me it’;s relationship with the customer that matters most..a mutual respect for each other is the key

  • What if I want my blog to be mainly about food but I also want to talk about other things…is that ok or is that not following the guidelines about staying in your niche?

  • Great tips! I like visiting blogs which often holds contests and freebies. I think the thought of winning a competition is just amazing, the prize is usually not something we cannot afford but taking part in the competition gives a different excitement.

    • And if the content is decent then it might encourage you to return after the contest is over. A contest or two is definitely something I want to try on this blog this year.

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