4 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Freelance SEO

If you are a business or website owner and you haven’t heard of SEO then you really ought to but just in case it stands for search engine optimisation and it is a marketing strategy which aims to increase the visibility of your website in search engines like Google, generate more relevant traffic to it and ultimately increase your online sales or sign ups. Now that the description is out of the way let’s take a look at why a freelance seo professional is the best choice for you to increase your online presence and of course, your profits.

1. Think Of The Time You’ll Save

SEO is a long term marketing strategy that requires continuous work on a daily basis and so if you are planning on performing your own SEO campaign you just might find that all of your time is taken up by it and you don’t have time to actually run your business. Not only does seo require continuous work but you also need to be extremely knowledgeable on the industry which again takes up a lot of time. If you are not a SEO expert then you could end up doing your website a lot more harm than good by employing the wrong tactic and techniques and that will be a lot of time wasted.

2. Freelancers Are Usually Cheaper

When you hire a freelance SEO professional you will usually find that they are a lot cheaper than agencies or hiring someone to do it internally. Freelancers don’t have large overheads to meet and so they can afford to offer their clients much lower prices for their work. Once again if you are considering saving money buy performing your own seo then you should consider that you will have to pay subscriptions and fees for a number of tools that are required to do it effectively so calling a freelancer to do it for you will save you some cash.

3. They Are More Motivated

A point that is often overlooked when businesses are trying to choose between whether they should hire a SEO agency or a freelancer is that freelance professionals have more motivation to succeed. Think about it, if you are relying on yourself to make a success of your business then you are going to be much more willing to go that extra mile to succeed than if you are just another employee in a company. When it’s clocking off time for an employee they walk out the door and forget all about the project they were working on but a freelancer can’t afford to think like that, they are the company and so they will often work long into the night to ensure that you get the best results.

4. They Know Their Stuff

Anyone who has gone out on their own to provide any kind of service needs to be an expert in that field as they must cover every aspect of the job. This means that most freelance SEOs are highly regarded experts within the industry and people that are sought after by the agencies they are competing against for clients. When you hire an agency you can never really be sure if you will have the most experienced member of the team working on your campaign on the newbie who has been there for a month. There is no such problem when you hire a freelance SEO professional as you can be certain of getting a hands-on service from the very person you have been dealing with from the beginning of your enquiry.

Can you think of anymore reasons why a freelancer trumps an agency?

Dean Saliba

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