4 Most Promising New eCommerce Sites on the Web

The birth of eCommerce may have initially been received half-heartedly, but it is now turning out to be the biggest and the best thing ever to come to the marketing industry and the corporate world as a whole. Online business today is what is driving companies to great success and those who are not so lucky are pushed out of business. The brands of companies are now more represented by their respective web sites. The war on branding has been shifted to online platforms, and success now comes to whoever has the best website. In the wake of the importance of a website to any business brand, this post presents 4 of the most promising online business platforms that are considered relatively new. You can emulate them by learning their tactics. Just keep it honest.

Some of the exemplary eCommerce sites on the web today


Thanks to the current and probable future success, this site has been dubbed “the media company for the social era” by many pundits. You will have to agree given the site’s impressive stats. The site has set the best foot forward and has been a model for generating online engagement content. It is also vivid that the brand content on this site comes second to none and all credit should go to the CEO, Peretti Jonah. The site is reported to be minting millions of dollars in terms of profit. Due to its online prowess, this site by August had accumulated 15.9 million Facebook shares, likes and comments from across the globe. The prospects are expected to rise with the advance of time and hopefully the site will keep up the momentum.

Grant St.

This is an online marketplace founded by the trio of Aaron, Amanda, and Joe. It is specialized in creative and innovative technologies that they duly test before a recommendation is made to the consumers. The reviews for technology hardware are done on this site, and the objectivity is a notch higher than any other platform you may think of. The most entertaining part is the “Why We Love It” section that is on the Android apps and keeps the content refreshed. The site is making good progress, and that holds the promise that it is one of the new eCommerce sites that will take the future by storm.


This is a London and New York based company which still goes by the same name in its site. It has the potent to attract giant companies to its services of design and development. Big corporations like Coca-Cola and MTV have turned to Fueled thanks to its online marketing prowess. The iPhone and iPad apps that these companies boast are made available by Fueled. More and more companies are seeking the services of Fueled, and this is the kind of achievement of their online presence that keeps their eCommerce succeeding year after year.


A New York based digital collaboration platform which brings together all sorts of artists. Most start-up and established businesses need to emulate efforts by this company to make it big both domestically and regional. It is the best and one of the top growing companies in New York. The company is planning to increase its global outreach and soon will initiate the crowd funding services in New Zealand and Australia. The successful campaigns on the internet and the growing popularity of Kickstarter is attributed to the eCommerce strategies that the founders have adopted. Both the present and future look great for as long as they maintain and keep on improving their online presence.


These are not the only eCommerce sites that stand out today; there are many more that are doing wonders. Yours could also feature in this list too. All it takes is to apply best eCommerce practices. Most importantly, identify your destination and be ready to travel the journey as you do all that is required at every step of the way. Borrow ideas where you can and keep abreast with the changes in marketing trends. You never know, one day it could be your platform that people will be talking about and it will put a smile on your face. The best today did not appear anywhere just a few years back. Yours too has potential to rise to the top. Keep at it.

The writer, Edrick Hypolite, is an aspiring ecommerce entrepreneur who is learning who to watch in the growing ecommerce space. He is also taking lessons from the pros on how to build his own successful site, one of the pieces of advice he has been given is to find a stable transaction platform such as FastSpring. You can learn more about Edrick on Google+.

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