3 Top Tips When It Comes To Outsourcing Traffic

Tyrone Shum (www.tyroneshum.com/ has posted a very informative video over on his blog that gives you three great tips to help you outsource your traffic.

The video is short and sweet (just over five minutes) and he gets right down to the meat of the matter, which is great because I hate it when people waffle on when you just want to hear the important stuff. 😛

Here is the video:

Dean Saliba

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  • I agree with article marketing – it’s effective if it’s done right. However i never tried video marketing, i’ll have to check this out. The problem is that i don’t think this is suitable for every business.

  • Hi Dean,
    I have not yet tried Article Marketing and Video Marketing. I often take lot of time writing posts for own blog and writing for others is not much of an option.

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