3 Major Blogging Mistakes to Avoid No Matter What

Professional blogging has been around for some time now. There are many people and companies who have found the key aspects of successful and profitable blogging. Of course, however, there are also an endless number of blogs out there that make some major blogging mistakes. While many of these mistakes may feel like obvious no no’s, don’t be fooled by how easy it seems to avoid them. Starting a blog appears a fairly simple process—slap together a WordPress, throw a few short articles on there, and watch the clicks start coming. But, of course, this really isn’t the case for the most part. Professional blogging is a much more difficult task than many newbie bloggers give it credit. There are many tactics and approaches that are must-dos, if you’re hoping to make a profit from your work and there are many blogging mistakes you should always avoid. Avoid these mistakes at all costs in order to have a more lucrative approach to professional blogging.


Consistency is a very important aspect of blogging. One of the central goals of profitable blogging is gaining regular and consistent traffic to your site. One of the best ways to drive regular traffic to your site is by having something consistently there that attracts readers. You should come up with a consistent schedule for your posts so that your readers will know when new material is arriving to the site. This will help you stay active and engaged in your own blog, while also allowing your readers to find something new with each visit they make. You should also work to be consistent in voice and theme. If you’ve picked a specific niche that you plan to dedicate your site to, you have to be consistent with it. You don’t want to contradict yourself on the topic that you are trying to appear an expert on. Moreover, you want to have a solid and consistent voice throughout your blog posts.

Quantity Over Quality

This is a mistake that almost every professional blogger is bound to make. We get caught up in the idea that more is better and more posts, means more readers. Obviously, this just isn’t the case. As your grade school teachers and professors always told you “quality not quantity”. You want to create posts with content that can last. There is more benefit from having a post that is high quality and has readers regularly coming back to it, rather than a bunch of posts that attract a few new readers each. The content of your blog is what ensures that you have readers coming back. Create posts that actually share something useful or insightful.

Ignoring Your Readers

Making money with your blog has everything to do with your readers. We should all know this. The only way to really make money with your blog is if readers are clicking through your site. If you don’t engage and interact with your readers, your blog will definitely suffer. While it is important that your posts are written well and are engaging, you will get nowhere with them if you ignore what your readers have to say. Check the comments section of your posts and respond to your readers. By creating a conversation with your readers about your post, not only are you keeping your post present in everyone’s mind, but you are also giving your readers a specific reason to come back to your site. You should aim to create a community within your blog. A consistent number of returning readers is a very important aspect of successful blogging. Take the time to talk and interact with your readers, so that they can feel they contribute to your work.

Dean Saliba

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  • I am definitely agree with you. The post here were really true, you need to consider everything. Blogging is not a simple as ABC and 123, you need to improved your self everyday in-order that your post will improved every time you create and published it.

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