3 Ideas To Gain More Exposure On Twitter

Twitter is a fantastic tool to help push just about anything, and everything, you care to think of. Whether you are running a blog or are trying to sell affiliate products, like anti-wrinkle creams, you will find a market on there.

If you are struggling to gain as much exposure on Twitter as you would have liked then why not check out the three ideas below to see if they can help you get yourself noticed.

Ask People To ‘Please Retweet’

If you post a tweet that you think is linking to something of great benefit, or very informative, then it is always a good idea to end or start the tweet with the phrase “Please retweet”. There is nothing wrong with asking this and you’ll find people more likely to do it.

Say Thank You When Someone Retweets Your Tweet

If someone is kind enough to retweet your tweet to their followers then why not show them how much you appreciate it by sending them a thank you tweet. They are more likely to do it again in the future if you say thank you. Or better still retweet one of their tweets in return.

If Someone Mentions You In A Tweet Retweet It

You may find that someone has posted a tweet that mentions you or your blog/site. If this happened then simply retweet it to your followers. This is seen as a less egotistical ways of promoting yourself.

Dean Saliba

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