7 Common PPC Mistakes

Paid search advertising has numerous benefits, it provides an increase in traffic, leads and ROI and best of all it does this more quickly than organic search. However, many search marketers are simply throwing money down the drain with their PPC campaigns, making obvious mistakes that could be avoided. Here are just some of the most common:
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How the Blogosphere Can Help Your SEO Efforts

Bang! Crash! Wallop! That’s the awful sound Google’s recent algorithm updates made to web marketers everywhere. Why? Because Google has once again tightened its grip on those who are trying to manipulate its beloved search engine for page 1 results. If your business has felt the sting in the tail from Google’s updating, then it’s simply because the SEO you were doing was not ‘Google Friendly’.
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Can You Use Product Reviews to Drive SEO? 5 Reasons You Can

Ecommerce is increasingly becoming popular with entrepreneurs owing to its convenience and low running costs. However, competition is a major challenge and is probably one of the reasons why some of the entrepreneurs hesitate to invest in eCommerce. To make substantial profits from a merchant or affiliate website, you have to employ quality marketing strategies aimed at generating traffic for your site. You can either submit content to quality directories, write blogs or invest in other quality SEO techniques. Product reviews will help you convert potential customers who view blogs and other content into loyal customers. Below are five reasons why you should use product reviews to promote your website.
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