20 Do Follow Social Media Bookmarks

If you are new to trying to make money from your blog then you will probably have heard many other blogs talking about gaining traffic via social media sites. If you are anything like I was then you are scratching your head and wondering what this kind of thing means.

To put it very basicly; they are big news sites that you can send your blog posts to.

There are many around but the ones I have listed in today’s post are social media sites that offer ‘do follow’ links.

What this means is that when Google looks at the links to decide your page rank any links on the sites below WILL count towards to your total. Unlike ones left on sites like Digg and Del.us

I would like to thank Caroline Middlebrook for allowing me to lift these sites form her informative blog.

The numbers in brackets are page ranks.

1. Folkd [V] (7)
2. Oneview (German) (7)
3. Spurl (6)
4. Feedmarker (6)
5. LinkaGoGo (5)
6. SpotBack (5)
7. Connectedy (5)
8. Blinklist [V] (5)
9. MyLinkVault (4)
10. A1 Webmarks (4)
11. OYAX (4)
12. Pixelmo [V] (4)
13. TeDigo (2)
14. MyPIP (3)
15. SyncOne (3)
16. Yattle (3)
17. Memfrag (3)
18. Ziki [V] (1)
19. i89 (0)
20. Chipmark (0)

I shall try to keep this updated.

Dean Saliba

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